• Mountain Home High School Athletic and Meritorious Hall of Fame

    Selection Criteria

    • Staff member who taught or coached at MHHS for at least five (5) years and who are no longer at the school.
    • Staff member who after leaving or retiring from MHHS has given back to the school though service and volunteering.
    • Staff members who have brought honor and distinction to MHHS.
    • Staff members whose contributions to the school positively impacted either staff or students.
    • Students must have graduated from MHHS five (5) years prior to being nominated.
    • Student athlete’s contributions and letters in all sports are taken into consideration.
    • Nominee must be “worthy” and “outstanding” individuals for consideration, not just the best athlete.

Induction Ceremony March 5, 2022

  • 2022 Hall of Fame Inductees: Martha Swenson-Hazelbaker, Melanie Love, Ricky Love, Lynn Knudson, Alphonso William Sillonis, Bob Mendiola Sr., Doctor Dick Starkey, Bruce Peterson, 1973 Men’s Basketball Team: Coaches: Ken Everett, Lew Montrose;  Players: Don Adams, Kelly Cook, Gary Felton, Gene Gustafson, Bob Mendiola, George Miller, Phil Miller, Brian Sherfick, Rick Turner, Rocky Clayton, Jim Aulbach, Jim Evans, Tim Kent, Rick Wilson, Jeff Bate, Terry Hicks, Rommie Lewis;  Managers: Joe Ferbrache, Rick Matton

Induction Ceremony January 10, 2015