• MHSD #193 Driver Education Information​ 
    Steps to sign up for Mtn. Home Driver Education.
    1. Fill out the application below and select Done to submit. 
    2. Pay the $165 fee to the high school or on the Webstore.
    3. Request a Verification of Compliance (VOC) from the school you are attending. (IF you attend the high school request at the same time you pay your fee.)
    4. Purchase your permit at the Elmore County Driver's License office,  $26.50.  Student must be at least 14 years 6 months to purchase a permit.
                           Take the following with when you purchase the permit:
                                     - Certified state birth certificate
                                     - Social Security card
                                     - Picture identification
                                     - Receipt verifying payment of $165
                                     - Verification of Compliance (VOC) from your school
       Students are placed into driver education classes after the final step of purchasing the permit has been completed.  Classes fill up quickly!   
    Notifications about classes will be emailed to the students. (Inviting you to the class or options if the class is full.) 
    Thank you,
    Denise Nicholas-Sandberg   
    ​Office Hours Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-4:00. 
    Summer office hours will vary.

    Driver Education Email  MHHSDrEd@mtnhomesd.org

               ​SPECIAL NOTICE:  Driver Education has strict attendance requirements which are mandated by the state.  
                                     DO NOT REGISTER FOR A CLASS IF YOU ARE PLANNING A TRIP.

         DO NOT sign up for a Driver Education class if you are planning to participate in a sport that occurs at the same time.                 (we can usually work around a short local summer camp)

                                                         AFTER passing driver education and the 6 months or more of practice with
                                                         parent/guardian, please TEXT one of the following to schedule your driving test:
                                                                     Ms. Britani Christiansen  208-696-4277
                                                                     Mrs. Denise Nicholas      208-423-2466                                                                                                              
                                                                     Mr. Paul Schaufele          208-936-5092 

    Driver's Education Schedule
    Start Date
    ​May 30, 2023
    Aug-Oct 2023
    Oct-Dec 2023
    Jan-March 2024
    March-May 2024
    All 3 classes May-June FULL! 
    (last permit purchased 4/28 at 3:11 pm)
    Classes held after school during the school year.​
    Finish Date 
    June 30​

    Students are placed in class only after all the steps have been completed. 
    Drive schedules selected the first day of class. 
    Drive schedules will vary!
    * Times will vary and will be limited to a maximum of 10 hours of class/week and 3 hours of in-car instruction/week.