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  • Happy December Everyone!!!

    Goodness - how can we already be almost halfway through this school year???  I talked to the seniors about the “lasts” and how they should cherish every moment of this culminating year.  These “lasts” seem to be coming often and tend to only speed up - so be ready!!!  Anyway, I sure hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Break and had a chance to enjoy some quality time, sleep and FOOD!  That week is always a nice warm-up for the many “edible consumables” we tend to “happen upon” during this time of year. I don’t hate it - that’s for sure! Anyway, it’s always nice to come back and interact with these young adults! They are so intuitive, funny (especially when they’re not trying to be), and creative. We hope you’ll join us as we help them finish this first semester strong!  

    Here are some important dates for you to be aware of:

    Dec. 8th - Senior Picture (Tux/Drape) Retakes

    Dec. 19, 20 and 21 - Semester 1 Final Exams

    Semester Finals Bell Schedule:

    Tuesday, 12/19 (1:30 Release)

    1st Period             7:50-9:20

    Break                   9:20-9:30

    2nd Period            9:35-11:05

    Lunch                  11:05-11:55

    3rd Period            12:00-1:30


    Wednesday, 12/20 (11:15 Release)

    4th Period             7:50-9:20

    Break                   9:20-9:40

    5th Period             9:45-11:15


    Thursday, 12/21 (11:15 Release)

    6th Period             7:50-9:20

    Break                   9:20-9:40

    7th Period             9:45-11:15

    ***Please note that because we are the only school releasing early on these 3 days (Tue, Wed, and Thurs), we will not be able to provide special transportation for these early release times (with the exception of the students who live on base). We ask that students make special arrangements to be transported after school on these days. Buses will begin arriving at the regularly scheduled times on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (beginning at 3:00 PM). 

    Dec. 22 thru Jan. 5 - Christmas Break (no school)!!!

    Jan. 5 - Teacher Work Day (no school for students)

    Jan. 8 - School resumes for students: Students can pick up their new schedules in the gym foyer area, Monday morning, beginning at 7:30 AM.  


    Other Announcements:


    The next block for Evening School begins in January. Classes will be January 23 - March 7 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7pm. Evening School is free & open to all students who need to retake a failed class. We will be offering History & Math this time. Please contact your student's counselor for any questions. If you would like to sign up, the registration link is here:


    Inclement Weather Information:

    As we move into some of the more questionable weather, we want to make sure everyone knows where/how to access school delay/cancellation info. School delay/cancellation announcements will generally be made before or by 6:00 AM of the actual school day. This is done after school officials and other personnel have checked road conditions. Typically, these messages are shared via district Blackboard messages, phone/text messages, district email, the MHSD Facebook page, as well as various TV and radio news sources.  

    If you are not receiving notifications, please contact our school for assistance (208) 587-2570.  


    Petitioning for Credit due to Excessive Absences: 

    Parents/Guardians: your student may be receiving notification next week if they will be required to petition for credit, due to excessive absences. These notifications will begin next Monday, Dec. 4th.  No matter the reason – PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY WRITE A LETTER OF PETITION and turn it into the office BY MONDAY, DEC. 11th.  You can expect a decision before the end of the semester. You will receive notification through email - if you do not have an email, a letter will be mailed home. Here is an explanation of the possible outcomes:

    • Credits Denied – This would be based upon the reason for the student’s absences.  If verification is not received through a letter, denial is automatic. Parents/Guardians would likely be required to meet with an official at the district office for further consideration.
    • Credits Granted – Credits are granted based upon the approval upon legitimate reasons for absences. 
    • Credits Pending – Students credits are “on hold” until April. In order to receive the pending credits, the student must stay below 9 absences, second semester.

    ​    *If you have questions, please give us a call at 587-2570.


    Homework Club/Math Tutoring is up and running!  Mr. McLean, Mrs. Dubois and/or Mrs. Miles will be in Room 31 from 3-4 PM, Mon-Thurs every week to help students get a little more support.  Please utilize this awesome program - ESPECIALLY WITH FINALS ON THE HORIZON!.  Note: transportation will not be provided.

    CANVAS information:

    Canvas continues to be our platform for student work, grades, checking missing assignments, etc.  If you are still not signed up under your child’s account, please feel free to do so.  The following link is a step-by-step slideshow that will guide you through the process (one is in English, the other in Spanish):  

    Slide Deck Link

    Slide Deck Translated to Spanish


    MHAFB Corner:


    Please use the nomination form for the Educator of the Quarter - the deadline will be near the end of the semester (around Dec 13). Nominations are quick and can be done by any of our students, colleagues, and/or patrons.  


    To the world, they might be just a teacher, but to their students they are a hero.


    Our MHAFB School Liaison, Domineek Haag, will come by our school sometime on Friday, December 15th to pick up the nomination forms. If you need to, you can email completed forms directly to her at


    As always, please check the following platforms for updates and information:

    MHHS Website:

    MHHS Facebook page:

    MHSD (District) Facebook page:


    I reflect a lot during this time of year. I have a lot to be grateful for and recognize the awesome opportunity we have as educators. Thank you for partnering with us as we work together to help these young folks pave their way into society. We hope you all have a relaxing and safe Christmas break!

    Mr. Gunderson

    Principal MHHS

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  • Encore Co. Presents

    This holiday season, Encore Company brings your favorite video game to life on stage–Mario Christmas! by Taunya Page with Nintendo characters from Shigeru Miaymoto. Only two shows will be held in the MHHS gym on Saturday, December 9th with a matinee at 2pm and the second show at 7pm. All tickets are $3 for this 30-minute production. 

    In this animated adventure, a young gamer finds himself transported into the animated world of The Mushroom Kingdom where he meets Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and many more! When the infamous villain Bowser tries to rid the world of the new Mario game release, the gang must join forces with Santa to restore balance to the gaming galaxy and help our hero find his way home. This colorful caper is perfect for small children!


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Facts and Figures

  • 1901 Old yearbooks indicate that the first students to graduate from a school known as Mountain Home High School was in 1901.
  • 1905 In about 1905, a new brick schoolhouse was completed. This two-story building housed the elementary grades on the first floor and the high school classes on the second. It was located on 4th East Street between Jackson and 2nd North (currently the Middle School PE field). It was demolished in 1964.
  • 1926 On the same block a new building was built for the High School in 1926. This building, which is currently Bennett Mountain High School, was MHHS until 1954.
  • 1954 The current High School building is located on 11th East between 2nd South & 4th South. Over the past 60 years it has had several additions built.