• Individual Counseling 

    Junior High is a time where students begin transitioning from childhood to adolescence. With this transition brings new challenges, and the counselor is here to help support students in deciding upon appropriate and healthy ways of solving the wide variety of problems they may face. The school counselor is available to meet one-on-one with students to discuss personal, social, and academic concerns. Students are referred for these brief sessions in a variety of ways. Most commonly students sign up to see the counselor using one of the request slips located at the student window in the office, teachers express concern for a student, or parents can request that the counselor meet with their son/daughter. The goal of these individual sessions is to give students a chance to discuss issues that are getting in the way of their success as a student, and find solutions that will help them to be more successful at school. 

    All of information shared with the counselor remains confidential unless one of the following exceptions are present: (1) the student is in danger of harming themselves, (2) the student is in danger of harming someone else, or (3) the student is being harmed by someone else, (4) the student gives permission to counselor to share information for his or her benefit (i.e. sharing with teachers to better understand the student). In the event that confidentiality cannot be maintained, the information will only be shared with those who need to know in order to help the student stay safe. 

    Please note: If a student is need of on-going counseling regular counseling, they will be referred to 

    Counseling Groups

    One of the goals of the counseling program is to provide counseling to students with common areas of concern. Group topic offerings are determined by students' needs. Some of the group topics commonly offered in a school setting are Social Skills, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Anger Management, and Student Success Skills. Groups meet once per week and are typically 8 weeks long, with the final group session being dedicated to collecting feedback for the counselor, and a chance for students to feel a sense of accomplishment and completion.