• Mission

    Within a safe environment, our mission is to enable all students a smooth transition to the high school by providing:
    • multiple academic opportunities addressing different life styles
    • on-going training to become responsible citizens
    • a variety of extra-curricular activities


    • All students can learn.
    • A safe learning environment is critical.
    • The junior high experience is a transition period for students from being dependent learners to independent learners, both socially and academically.
    • MHJH holds all students accountable academically and behaviorally by enforcing student guidelines in the agenda.
    • Based on student's learning styles and developmental maturity, curriculum must be flexible and presented in a variety of ways to accommodate varying needs.
    • Connecting the curriculum to life beyond the classroom is important.
    • High expectations challenge students to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.
    • A variety of electives is necessary to stimulate interests and creativity.
    • Performance reflects learning, a continuous process taking place in the home, community and school.
    • Understanding individual differences enhances character through instruction, training, study and experience.
    • The emotional and personal well-being of a student greatly affects his/her ability to learn.
    • Open communication among all members of the community enhances learning.
    • Students and staff members need to take an active role in the community.