Where our District Began

The Elmore Board of County Commissioner minutes, written in long hand, note that the County Commissioners met in special session on the "11th day of February, 1918, for consideration of the following matters, to-wit: …for consideration of petition for the creation of an Independent School District - District Number 6."  Present were George E. Butler, chairman, John F. Gaines and F. E. Wilson, commissioners. The commissioners called for an election "to be held as of the 6th of April, 1918, the results of which shall determine whether or not…Elmore County, Idaho, shall be created an Independent School District."  Later the records indicate, "the Board of County Commissioners proceeded to canvass the same which showed the following votes.  To-wit:
Independent School District YES 289
Independent School District NO 65
Total Votes Cast 354"

Upon declaring a successful election, the commissioners then appointed the following six school district trustees: O. E. Cannon, S. S. Eckstein, Ed Weaver, C. B. Faraday, W. S. Lee and R. W. Smith.  The records indicate that O. E. Cannon served from 1918 to 1932, and then again from 1934 until 1942, a total of twenty-two years!  During this time, he served two stints as chairman for a total of ten years.

Of course, schools existed in Mountain Home and the surrounding area prior to 1918.  The book, Crossroads, The History of the Elmore County Area, shows a picture of a school house in Mountain Home dated around 1886.  Other early schools were established in areas that were to become part of the Mountain Home School District in such locations as Atlanta, Rocky Bar, Pine Grove (Pine), Mayfield, Rattlesnake, Little Camas, and Fall Creek.  Some of the other Elmore County schools included Glenns Ferry, King Hill, Prairie, County Line, Reverse, and Hammett.

Very old yearbooks indicate that apparently the first students to graduate from a school known as Mountain Home High School was in 1901.  Records of the first trustees go back to 1903 when W. Hanley, Kittie S. Cowen, and Frank P. Ake served as school trustees.  Since that time, many persons have been identified as serving as trustees, including 16 trustees with first names that are readily identified as female!  Many of the past and current trustees still live within the school district boundaries or nearby.

Sources: Minutes from school board meetings, county commissioner meetings, yearbooks, and other records.