Bennett Mountain Logo

Purpose, Vision, Mission, & Accreditation

    Bennett Mountain serves as the alternative school for Mountain Home School District #193.  We welcome students who meet the state of Idaho's at-risk qualification criteria and who truly want to be here.  Additionally, Bennett Mountain has a childcare center for teen parents.

    Bennett Mountain will utilize the educational strengths, diverse backgrounds, and supportive, caring nature of its staff to create an alternative education program that serves the needs of our high school community. We will provide a program that works to reconnect young people to the educational environment and maximize their opportunity for success. Our program values and respects individual self-worth and encourages personal and academic achievement.

    The role for Bennett Mountain is to assist students in their progress towards responsibility as it relates to academic achievement and personal development. We strive to see that each individual makes significant progress toward reaching their potential by providing instructional methods to fit the varied learning rates and styles of students along with fostering feelings of confidence and self-worth by creating a family-like atmosphere where students can grow socially, emotionally, and academically.

    Bennett Mountain is a Cognia accredited school.  The school offers credits that lead to a high school diploma.  The school is not a GED program, remedial program, or special education program.  We are committed to helping students earn a high school diploma.