The "YOU ARE MORE" (YAM) movement is a community-driven initiative dedicated to promoting mental health awareness, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, and encouraging open conversations about mental well-being. At its core, YAM seeks to remind individuals of their inherent value, emphasizing that everyone is more important than they might realize, and that seeking help and supporting each other in times of need is not just encouraged but essential. Through various activities, partnerships, and events, the YAM movement aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, inspire positive change, and build a culture that prioritizes understanding, kindness, and resilience in the face of mental health challenges.

    YOU ARE MORE important than you realize!


    Primary Goals of YOU ARE MORE:

    Elevating Mental Health Awareness

    Shining a light on the importance of mental health and ensuring it is recognized as a vital component of our overall well-being. By building awareness, we aim to create a culture where discussing mental health openly is normalized and encouraged.


    Acknowledging Personal Significance

    We strive to ensure every individual within our community knows and believes in their inherent value. YOU ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU REALIZE! It's crucial that each person understands they play an irreplaceable role in the tapestry of our school and community, contributing to its diversity and strength.


    Normalizing the Pursuit of Support

    Encouraging everyone to seek assistance when faced with challenges is a key objective. This goal underscores the message that reaching out for help is a sign of strength and an essential step in managing mental health proactively.


    Fostering a Culture of Vigilance and Support

    This goal calls on each member of our community to be observant and ready to offer help to those around them. By being vigilant, we can create a safety net for our peers, offering a helping hand whenever it's needed and ensuring no one has to face their struggles alone.


    Promoting Unconditional Kindness

    At the heart of the "YOU ARE MORE" Movement is a simple yet profound principle: be kind. We advocate for kindness in all interactions, as it lays the foundation for a supportive and compassionate community. A kind word or gesture can have a powerful impact, often more than we realize.



    YOU ARE MORE Beginnings:


    Ava witnessed her sister Isabelle endure the pain of tearing both her ACLs over the past three years, sidelining her from two basketball seasons. Through witnessing Isabelle's journey of surgeries and extensive physical therapy, Ava became acutely aware of her sister's mental struggle. Determined to uplift Isabelle's spirits and remind her of her intrinsic worth beyond these setbacks, Ava embarked on various endeavors. Recognizing the importance of support, Ava pondered the plight of other students who might lack such understanding companionship in their lives.


    Motivated by a desire to shed light on students' mental health challenges, Ava took the initiative. She independently reached out to a sports psychologist at Boise State University to glean insights into destigmatizing mental health issues. Collaborating with Stehvn Tesar, Ava brainstormed ideas for a club at Mountain Home High School dedicated to raising awareness of mental health. Together, they settled on the powerful motto: "You Are More." The essence of this motto is to affirm that individuals transcend mere setbacks;

    YOU ARE MORE than negativity.

    YOU ARE MORE than a stereotype.

    YOU ARE MORE than a social label.   

    YOU ARE MORE than social media.

    YOU ARE MORE than a bad day.

    YOU ARE MORE than a poor test score.

    YOU ARE MORE than a bad relationship.

    YOU ARE MORE important than you realize!


    Ava and Stehvn diligently crafted a logo and developed merchandise, including shirts and bracelets, to promote their message. Building upon Mountain Home High School's motto of "One Town, One Team," the YOU ARE MORE Club was formed. The YAM Club members serve as mentors to younger students and organize various mental health awareness activities and events for students and parents alike. Ultimately, their aim is to instill in the entire community the empowering realization that each individual is important.


    Presently, Isabelle is thriving and enjoying strong mental well-being, largely attributed to her proactive approach of confiding in family and friends about her challenges. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Kinesiology/Physical Therapy at college, driven by her aspiration to assist injured athletes on their road to recovery.


    Always Remember, YOU ARE MORE Important Than You Realize!

    Isabelle and Ava Johnson

    YOU ARE MORE Days:

    "YOU ARE MORE Days," is an initiative occurring every second Wednesday of the month.  This initiative strengthens our commitment to mental health awareness and support within our schools and community: The heart of this initiative lies in our TigerSTRONG mantra: "YOU ARE MORE Important Than You Realize."  This message underscores the immense value and potential of each individual in our school district.  To visibly symbolize our solidarity and dedication to this cause, we encourage all staff and students to wear "YOU ARE MORE" apparel on these designated days.

    Why Wear YOU ARE MORE Apparel?


    Wearing "YOU ARE MORE" apparel is not just about donning a piece of clothing; it's a powerful statement.  It signifies:

    • Our collective commitment to fostering a supportive community.
    • Raising awareness about the importance of mental health.
    • Promoting conversations that destigmatize mental health challenges.
    • A pledge of solidarity with those who might be facing mental health struggles.
    • Encouraging acts of kindness, reminding us that simple, compassionate gestures can have a profound impact on someone's day and overall well-being.

    Expectations for Wearing YOU ARE MORE Apparel:

    • Be a Role Model: Embody empathy, kindness, and inclusivity in your daily interactions.
    • Active Listening: Offer a compassionate ear to those who might need support.
    • Respect Privacy: Honor the confidentiality of those who confide in you.
    • Guide to Resources: Be ready to share information about available mental health resources.
    • Promote Positivity: Create a supportive and positive environment wherever possible.
    • Inclusivity: Ensure that everyone feels included, respected, and valued.
    • Lead by Example: Show healthy ways of managing stress and encourage others to do the same.
    • Avoid Judgment: Maintain an open and non-judgmental mindset.

    Expectations for Elementary Students Wearing "YOU ARE MORE" Shirts:

    • Be Kind and Friendly: Always be kind to your classmates and teachers. Remember, a smile or a kind word can make someone's day better.
    • Be a Good Listener: If a friend wants to talk about their feelings, listen carefully and let them know you care.
    • Help Each Other: If you see someone who looks sad or alone, ask if they are okay or if they need help. Just being there for someone can make a big difference.
    • Include Everyone: Try to include everyone in your games and activities. Everyone likes to feel included and part of the group.
    • Stay Positive: Try to say positive things and be happy. Your positive attitude can help others feel good too.
    • Respect Everyone: Remember to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Everyone is important and special.
    • Talk to an Adult: If you or a friend needs help, it's okay to talk to a teacher, school counselor, or parent. They are there to help you.
    • Be Proud: Wear your "YOU ARE MORE" shirt proudly, knowing that you are part of a team that cares about each other.

    These expectations are designed to be understandable and achievable for elementary students, promoting a culture of kindness, inclusivity, and mutual support.

    By participating in "YOU ARE MORE Day," we each take a step towards building a more understanding, empathetic, and supportive community.  Let us wear our YAM apparel with pride and responsibility, knowing that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of our students and staff.

    We are excited to see our district unite under this powerful message, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on our community.  Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the mental wellbeing of our school district.

    School Activity For YOU ARE MORE Days:

    It is encouraged that each school participates in some kind of school-wide activity during YOU ARE MORE Days.  It will look different in each school but the activities should be designed to not only celebrate the "YOU ARE MORE" days but also to instill lasting values of empathy, kindness, and community support among students and staff.  By integrating these varied activities, schools can create a vibrant, supportive environment that resonates with everyone involved.  Here are some suggestions:


    TigerSTRONG Club Video Viewing:

      • Activity: Show the monthly short video created by TigerSTRONG members that highlights the importance of the "YOU ARE MORE" mantra.
      • Expectation: Watch attentively, discuss the video's message in classrooms or assemblies, and reflect on personal connections to the theme.

    Character Traits of the Month Highlight:

      • Activity: Incorporate the character traits of the month into the YOU ARE MORE day, using activities or discussions that connect these traits with the "YOU ARE MORE" message.
      • Expectation: Participate in activities that explore these traits, understand how they relate to personal growth, and recognize these traits in oneself and others.

    Gratitude Wall or Tree:

      • Activity: Create a space where students and staff can post notes expressing gratitude or sharing positive messages about themselves and others.
      • Expectation: Contribute at least one note, promoting a culture of appreciation and positivity.

    Compliment Circles:

      • Activity: Facilitate small group sessions where individuals can exchange genuine compliments, focusing on strengths and positive actions.
      • Expectation: Engage respectfully and ensure everyone receives and gives positive feedback.

    Mindfulness and Reflection Sessions:

      • Activity: Host sessions focused on mindfulness or reflection, guiding participants to ponder on their worth and the significance of supporting each other.
      • Expectation: Participate with an open heart, using this time for personal and collective reflection.

    Creative Expression Workshops:

      • Activity: Offer platforms for students to express their interpretation of "YOU ARE MORE" through various forms of creative arts.
      • Expectation: Create authentically, showcasing diverse expressions and embracing the underlying message of support and self-worth.

    Peer Support Workshops:

      • Activity: Conduct workshops aimed at enhancing skills in being supportive peers, covering topics like active listening and empathy.
      • Expectation: Learn and apply these skills in daily life, aiming to foster a more supportive school environment.

    Community Service Projects:

      • Activity: Engage in service projects or acts of kindness that benefit the community, linking the essence of "YOU ARE MORE" with tangible actions.
      • Expectation: Participate actively, understanding the impact of collective efforts on community wellbeing.

    Wellness Walks:

      • Activity: Organize walks that encourage discussions on wellness, strength, and value, enhancing mental and physical well-being.
      • Expectation: Take part in meaningful conversations during these walks, sharing and listening to what makes each person feel valued and strong.

    Need YOU ARE MORE Apparel?

    Visit Bennett Mountain High School to purchase YAM clothing directly.  Please contact the school at 208-587-3837 prior to check on inventory and set up a time to visit.  For your convenience, we accept card payments.

    Where Your Support Goes:

    We also want to share some insights into the financial aspect of our YAM apparel sales. Thanks to generous donors and grants, we've been able to keep the costs of these items at a minimum. It's important to us that the message of "YOU ARE MORE" reaches as far and wide as possible, making it accessible to everyone in our district and beyond.

    The primary goal of selling YAM apparel is not to generate profit. Instead, our focus is on spreading this crucial message and raising awareness about the importance of mental health. The minimal profits we do see from these sales are reinvested into purchasing more apparel, ensuring that our message continues to resonate throughout our community.

    Looking ahead, we hope to allocate some funds toward organizing district-wide and community events that further champion our cause. These events will aim to bring us together in new and meaningful ways, amplifying the impact of the "YOU ARE MORE" message.

    Once again, thank you for your overwhelming support and participation. It is your commitment and passion that make initiatives like "YOU ARE MORE Day" a success. Together, we are making a significant difference in the lives of our students, staff, and community members.

    Let's continue to stand together, spreading kindness, understanding, and support. We look forward to what we can achieve next, united in our cause.

    Follow YAM:

    Instagram: @youaremore208

    YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/@YAM_208