Welcome to West Elementary where our mission is “Keep me safe, respect me, teach me well!”  We have had a great first few weeks of school and we are excited to keep it going. 

We are adding a few programs to West Elementary this year to encourage students to be present and do their best in school every day.  If your child attends school 98-100% of each quarter, they will be rewarded with an ice cream party at the end of the quarter.  In order to reach the 98% or better goal, students can miss two days each quarter.  We understand that illnesses and situations occur that are out of our control, but our ultimate goal is to have students in school learning every day.  Students with 98% or better attendance at the end of the year, will also be recognized. 

Third and fourth grade students will be recognized for quarterly honor roll.  Any student who receives all As or all As and Bs, will be recognized in the Mountain Home News at the end of each quarter.  They will also receive a small token of recognition.  

Fourth grade students will be encouraged to work towards earning the Presidential Award of Excellence.  This award will be based on student’s grades, citizenship, and assessment scores. 

West Elementary will be continuing the Smiley drawing every Friday.  Students can earn smileys throughout the week by demonstrating positive behavior and making good choices.  On Friday afternoon, all smileys will be collected and ten names will be drawn for prizes.  If your child brings home their smileys, encourage them to bring them back and turn them in for the weekly drawings.  Smileys can also be used at the school store. 

Spirit Days will be scheduled throughout the year on Fridays.  Announcements will be made to remind students about Spirit Days and all students are encouraged to participate.  We do ask that students follow the district dress code on Spirit Days and ensure they dress for the weather.  Our first day is Beach Day, scheduled for Friday, September 20th.

West Elementary will continue collecting Box Tops for Education, Coke bottle tops, and Campbell soup labels.  If you have these items, please send them in with your student. 

Again, the staff at West Elementary would like to welcome you and your child to our school.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to discuss them.  All staff members can be reached at 587-2595 or through email.  When emailing staff, we ask that you place your child’s name in the subject line, in case your email is delivered to our spam.



September Newsletter


Bienvenidos a West Elementary adonde nuestro mission es “Estar seguro, repectar y, ensenar me vien!”  Tuvimos un gran exito en las escuela y estamos contentos de seguir adelante.

Vamos a tener programas nuevos en West Elementary este ano para que los ninos pueden hacer bien todo los dias.  Si su hijo viene 98-100% de quarter les van hacer una fiesta de nieve.  Para poder asistir la fiesta de nieve pueden perder nomas 2 dias de quarter.  Entendemos que los estudiantes se enferman y situaciones pasan todos los dias pero quieremos que vengan a estudiar todos los dias.

Tercer y cuatro grado los van a reconocer para quarterly honor si reciben A o Bs, y tambien los van a reconocer en ele periodico de Mtn Home. 

Cuatro grado van a recibir un certificado de excellencia.  Esto va ser por su grados, comportamiento, y examines. 

West Elementary va continuar ele Smiley drawing cada Viernes.  Students reciben smiley por la semana si demuestran se portan bien.  Ele Viernes todos los smiley se collectan y selecionan 10 nombres.  Smiley tambien se pueden usar para la tienda de la escuela.

Dia de spirit va ser entre el ano en Viernes.  Y que los estudiantes se vistan bien para elle weather.  Elle primer dia para de spirit day es ele 20 de Septiembre y ese “Dia en Elemar”. 

Vamos a collector Box Tops. 

West Elemtnary quiere bien venir su estudiante si tiene preguntas por favor llamar a 587-2595 oh por email. 



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